Electric cars are not the answer

Unpopular decisions Nowadays, the manifestos of most political parties (rightly) include a target year by which they aim for their country to reach 'net zero' carbon emissions. Whilst these numbers can vary by multiple decades, there is an overall consensus that this is something we need to achieve soon, for the sake of our continued … Continue reading Electric cars are not the answer

Buy. Wear. Wash. Repeat: The True Cost of our Clothes

Do you really need that? How many items of clothing does a person need? One hundred items? 66? 33? Fewer? It is an interesting exercise to examine how many clothes you own and to try and determine how many of them you actually need and how many you are holding onto just in case. To … Continue reading Buy. Wear. Wash. Repeat: The True Cost of our Clothes

Exoneration for environmental sins?

In August earlier this year I started an internship just outside Chicago, where I will be until December. In order to get to the US, I had to take an (almost) inevitable Transatlantic flight from the UK, despite efforts to book a room on a freighter ship. Fine, I thought, at least I am taking … Continue reading Exoneration for environmental sins?