Occupy Education

The past week saw student occupations of UK universities across the country, from Glasgow, to Liverpool, to London, calling on these institutions to "Decarbonise, Decolonise and Democratise". Occupiers insisted that universities stop actions which are fuelling the climate crisis and global injustices. Instead, they called for the development of new structures which create awareness and … Continue reading Occupy Education

Buy. Wear. Wash. Repeat: The True Cost of our Clothes

Do you really need that? How many items of clothing does a person need? One hundred items? 66? 33? Fewer? It is an interesting exercise to examine how many clothes you own and to try and determine how many of them you actually need and how many you are holding onto just in case. To … Continue reading Buy. Wear. Wash. Repeat: The True Cost of our Clothes

Don’t Just Wait for a Movement (part 2)

[Sequel to the March 2017 piece titled Don't Just Wait For a Movement.] Regression The final piece in Rebecca Solnit's collection of essays advocating a positive approach to tackling what often feel like overwhelming problems, Hope in the Dark, is quite memorably titled Everything's Coming Together While Everything Falls Apart. In this excellent essay, Solnit … Continue reading Don’t Just Wait for a Movement (part 2)